General & Other Mediation Services

General & Other Mediation Services

Perth Mediation and Counselling Services offers a gender balanced mediation model that few others can offer in Western Australia. Our mediations, including property mediations can be conducted with two mediators, one female and one male, involving no extra charges.

As a business, we bring not only our years of experience in life, education, health services and business but also years of combined experience in mediation and conflict resolution. We also have the capacity to introduce culturally or industry specialised mediators should they be required.

Importantly we also conduct most of our mediations outside standard working hours including weekends and evenings. We also offer links and referrals to other valuable services if required.

Post Mediation Counselling

Perth Mediation and Counselling Services provide post-separation and post-mediation counselling services, couples counselling, as well as child and adolescent counselling. We can offer these services during specific office hours, after hours during the week and/or on the weekends. Our aim is to provide a prompt same day response with no waiting list.

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